Wednesday, June 16, 2004

father's day looms...

did the cat shelter thing. it was so nice, i need to tell you that. yes, upon entering, the stench is shocking, but you definitely get used to it, and [provided you like cats] it really is so nice to go and give these little guys some attention. i like to go see the ones that have been there forever that no one adopts, like snowden. he seems perpetually in that position -- he just lays there all sad with his one pig-ear. i love to give him some nice scratchings and lovings since i'm guessing not many others do. how nice that i can walk right over twice a week to go love on the kitties for a few hours!

as some of you may know, i don't talk to my father. i don't have any malice towards him, and i can't say that i can truly rationalize the decision to not really talk or hang out with him, but i think that it's best for now. when i see him at family events, we're cordial and do the chit-chat thang, but just like when we weren't estranged, we don't share our lives. i need to go get him a card [not going there for father's day with my sisters], but i always dread it will lead to some phone messages feebly requesting a dinner at the house or something. after 31 years [give or take a few in the mid-90's when we were really estranged], i've determined that trying to pretend we espouse the same values and beliefs [or at least respect our differences] is pointless to try.

i feel bad for my little sister. she's got to juggle my mom and dad [a feat i can honestly say i'm thrilled not to have to deal with] and her rather difficult italian immigrant in-laws. none of them can respect the work she and her husband [yes, rick] have to do to keep them from feeling slighted. every holiday means shuttling from one parent to the other for them. i told her they have to plan and switch off, but i don't see my dad or his parents pulling out their calendars any time soon. negotiating plans with family is apparently insulting to the mediterranean set.

going to take ballet tonight. my shoes are still wet from walking in the bathtub with them today. pray to the patron saint of ankles and knees for me!

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