Monday, June 21, 2004

i hate stupid rules that just make your life hell

hello! my name is dizzee and i'm here to make your life hell! mwah-hah-hah!

aaargh! i am trying to get bw's pom music done, and i'm having one helluva time trying to locate licensing info for some tracks. at least, for some, i can find that the artist is a member of the society, so i print off that websearch as proof, but for the love of all that's holy,

is dizzee rascal bmi or ascap!?

if anyone's good at finding that out, please leave it in the comments. i have to say that, while i understand the music licensing rule, it blows gorillas through a screen door. what an unnecessary pain in the tokhes.

oh! call me crafty! you may know that i've been complaining about the huge, floppy, boxy, ugly black polo catherine sent me to wear visiting camps and things. at least it was a slight improvement on the men's medium long-sleeve polo she sent last spring. it looked like a fuggin' burqa, it was huge. this one is at least a ladies' shirt, but i still looked like some butchy gym teacher. y'ever see, like, a dance team with a manager? it's usually some chubby, shy girl who didn't make the team but really wanted to be a part, so she follows the team around carrying music equipment and big, unruly laundry bags of poms... that's what i felt like wearing the polo.

so i busted out my old sewing machine, did some yanking with a seam ripper and voila! i have a shirt that looks cute and fits just like i like it: snug, juniors fit that hits right at the hip bones. perfect! go me!

now, casey's hankering for me to "make him clothes." i'm like, "i took apart a polo shirt and put it back together. who do i look like, jaclyn smith?!"

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