Tuesday, June 15, 2004

what's wrong with me?!

goddamn it. what a lame day.
  • ever since i visited camp (where you look at the clock at 12:48a and wonder why the hell you aren't trying to sleep already), i have had a hard time getting up. so i get up later than usual today and slap on a pair of pj pants and a t-shirt.

  • i push back the ever-flowing tide of e-mails and phone calls asking about invoices, whether payments have been received, and the whereabouts of informational packets.

  • i schedule flights for myself and stupidly send our travel agent, ric (who now thinks i'm retarded, surely) flights from saint louis to chicago. he asks me in his whispery, fey voice to send him my choices of flights from the correct cities this time and i feel like such an airhead.

  • i go to my junk drawer to look for (what was it again? oh yeah!) a scraping-razor-thingie to scrape of the many layers of chicago city stickers on the little red sled, and i literally forget what the hell i'm rummaging for.

i think i will try and redeem myself by going to the volunteer orientation at the cat shelter down the street tonight. i think the squirt and gumble think this is a good idea -- they can't stop giving me kitty-kisses of encouragement.... or maybe it's that i need a shower. [sigh]

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