Tuesday, June 22, 2004


after doing some gardening a week ago, this raspberry appears on my right ring finger's middle phalange that itches like the devil. naturally, i scratch the hell out of it. let's face it: people that say, "don't scratch it," are either fuggin' masochistic martyrs or have super-human self control. then, i have fun one day and begin to press the raspberry so that miniscule blisters pop. dude, you know what i'm into [hello, title much?]. of course this brings me much enjoyment.

now, i have the same lumpy itchies on the inside of my left wrist [no pop factor there] and on my left ring finger [one mini-blister: popped repeatedly] and on the top of my right foot [looks like a vampire bite: very itchy]. casey likes to tell me that some critter done laid some eggs in thurr. thanks, lover. you think that will actually stop the popping? now, i have to pop them to see what they hell is in there!

i wrote emails to dizzee's posse; he's ascap! whooeee! now, i just gotta get mixmaster bunny with the scratch routine to work on this for me.

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