Wednesday, June 09, 2004

getting ready for northern 1

i'm subbing for kristin for reporting day at NIU tomorrow. i'm the tin man when dorothy and the scarecrow found him in the forest -- rusty! whoo! i'm pumped though.

so exciting! we're ditching the ugly white wire fencing in the front of our house (that many passing teenagers have mangled on the way to school, apparently while planting pot in our hostas) and getting a cool black wrought iron fencearound the front. that'll learn 'em.

i hate when people don't tell you it's their birthday. dude, come on. don't make life harder on everyone. teacher isn't going to put a big shiny posterboard calendar on the bulletin board with everyone's 'special day' so you might as well do your own p.r. work.

oh: my birthday is december 20... mark your fuggin' calendars, 'cos i can be a brat about it.

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