Monday, June 14, 2004

weekend epiphanies

well, it's been a great buncha days!

went to NIU to go visit camp. i have to say that i now truly feel like the fabled "brick in the wall" jazzy jeff always talks about in his speeches. it's so humbling and awe-inspiring to see someone trump what you've always believed yourself to be capable of doing (to quote jeannine) "with both arms tied behind your back, blind folded, drowning in a pool of water." as continually critical as i may be, when i step back, i am so thoroughly impressed with how life goes on: the torch you've struggled so long to just carry is passed and even twirled and brandished before being passed on to the next in line, the fire-eaters! everyone likes to poo-poo the next generation and wonder what will happen when the good, solid salt-of-the-earth people are gone, most likely to make themselves feel less like australopitheci. [is that what i'd look like pregnant?] well, i may be a cavewoman in the grand scheme, but i'm comforted to know that evolution brings a better, smarter instructor.

one truth that has been made more clear to me is that recognition doesn't come from seniority. you have to do to get. good work like an iceberg: there's gotta be a lot of it for some of it to stick out noticeably.

got home. read a lot. weeded the back yard. i almost electrocuted myself. get this: here i am, in oversized overalls and green plastic garden clogs, balancing on a huge metal ladder, waving an electric hedgetrimmer over my head to prune the gigantor lilac tree in the back yard. suddenly, the power shuts off... i severed the extension cord! whoops.

okay -- monday blows homeless goats.

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