Wednesday, March 16, 2005

eff me with a dull knife twice ≠ stick a fork in me

so near and yet so far...

thank goodness, i'm finished!

my last weekend of traveling for work has come and gone and now i am home and free to frolic and play. bliss! now, only 30 more days until true happiness -- sanibel island!

in the meantime, i plan to enjoy:

  • watching more fear factor and the contender.

  • getting that netflix cue a'rollin'!

  • showing my true child-of-the-80's colors [aqua and flamingo pink, i'd reckon] and going to a duran duran concert on friday!

  • putting together two ikea dressers for us to separate and organize all our clothes [check-check-check]

  • going out for some tofu panang at thai thai with my old roommate, her husband, and their scrumptious baby.

  • getting music ideas together for 2006 for the hilarious and adorable girls i do choreo for.

p.s. the dull knife phrase is copywrighted and restricted by my dearest friend in new york, jeannie.

1 comment:

Di said...

Sigh - I know the feeling. This week I'm doing the graphic design overtime dance. It's Saturday at 7:30 a.m. and I am here at work (big convention in Vegas next weekend).

I'll take a couple of days off before Easter weekend and enjoy the freedom.