Wednesday, March 02, 2005

oops! she did it again... and again, and again...

holy cats! [yes, jamie -- i said it again, too!]

you guys gotta go to the britney archives of go fug yourself. i have been sitting here for ten minutes cackling and snorting with laughter. those fug girls are so brilliantly ha!-larious.

on a different note, i actually regained focus enough today to knock out half of what i had assigned myself. go, me! beat state!


Di said...

Hey!!!!finish the rest of your assign task! Half doesn't count ("but at least it's started", says the inner right-brained evil procrastinator voice.) Hmmm - whooooo was it that posted about RB peeeeople?

I should talk. I finally posted on my blog. You may be visiting us in Florida or Alabama next year.

Yuck - I hate February and March. I feel like Darth Vader.

p said...

darth vader!? do you have a black plastic head and a deep raspy voice?

"peeeee..." [inhale] "i am your moooootherrrrr." [exhale]