Tuesday, March 08, 2005

obsessive-compulsive much?

check-ch-check, check, check, ch-check it out

if it weren't for my good friend and coworker, kristy, i might never have noticed that i exhibit some obsessive-compulsive disorder tendencies.

we were at a new staff tryout and i was organizing and reorganizing the paperwork in front of me, separating piles and moving pencils from one side to the other, situating all the points in one direction and the erasers in the other.

this weekend while in missouri, i was continually plagued with two thoughts:
  • that the stove in my house was on and my cats were going to be poisoned
  • that i accidentally shut one of my cats -- specifically casey's cat -- in the closet
sitting in saint louis airport, i had to mindfully force myself to keep reading my magazine so i would stop panicking about the cats. then that didn't work because i would keep running into words like "die" and "death." damn rolling stone.

i think that ocd may help me in some respects with my job -- i'm superduper organized, systematic, and methodical if i do say so myself -- but sometimes, the check-check-checking slows... me... way... down.

take this quiz -- how ocd are you? i scored a 19.

on the other hand, it might just be a case of reading about something and then ascribing that disorder to oneself. what's that called? yep, must have that. damn google search.


trisha said...

Well, I got a Zero...

Di said...

Hmmmm - got a nine. But, I'm very good at starting an obsesive though and then saying "stupid!" - and than go on with my life.

Jamie said...

I'm sure this comes as a surprise to NO ONE, but I scored a 15. Apparently I'm supposed to seek medical and psychological assistance immediately (in bold typeface, no less). Hmmm.

Casey said...

We were made for each other. I scored a 21.

Now before I forget, please check the stove. Is Gumble trapped in the closet? Did you leave the front door unlocked? What about candles?

One to the door, two for keys, three unlocks, four in the ignition, five for reverse... and now we're driving!

Anonymous said...

I scored 3. By the way, if you scored about, I would say a 5, you need serious help. I just hope none of you answered "yes" to the question that asked, "Do you sometimes have a sudden impulse to push a friend or family member into the path of a speeding bus?" Did you answer yes to that one, Casey?

Casey said...


Can't remember what I answered on that one... I can remember only one 'sudden impulse'... I think it was when someone branded the carpet with an iron in our new house.