Wednesday, March 23, 2005

za skveezing ov zee goo

oh, man. i've read dooce for some time now, and i've been envying her for her idyllic post-hipster life in scenic utah, her ridiculously gorgeous elopement photos taken in yosemite national park, her eternally uber-svelte physique, and the product of her young motherhood, leta.

recently, she bested me on a whole different frontier: she got to partake of phanero-nirvana of the finest ilk.

oh, woman. you mock me. damn you to bartlett, tennessee. why won't you share any of the pictures?!


Anonymous said...

Oh my God, Paula. The very first thing I thought of when I read her post was you. I was going to post on her sight about you and your sight, but she has had her comments closed for the last couple of days. Her post was disgusting, by the way...very un-Dooce like.

Jamie said...

Well you got what you wanted - I'm interested to hear what you think NOW. :)

p said...

jamie - that picture was the exact opposite of what i wanted to see. total surgery shot. i was all excited to see it and blammo! some kinda nasty... ew!