Tuesday, March 01, 2005

i'm a slug

can't. get. moving.

i can't get it together. i have had a stiff neck since friday and a sore throat since yesterday. to hold my head upright kills. i don't feel like working at all. to put a true emphasis on how little i want to do anything, i will employ the double-negative: i don't want to do nothing.

what do i kind of want to do if i had any drive at all?

  • bake bran muffins
  • lay on the couch and read all my magazines one after the other
  • get a massage to fix my jacked-up neck and back
  • wiggle my nose and blammo! have a clean house
  • do something art-and-crafty
  • restone my cell phone
  • put songs on my ipod which i've had since december and never used yet
  • work out
  • take a nap underneath a pile of cats

instead, i will just sit here, staring blankly at my laptop.

someone help me. i'm stuck.


Di said...

This happens to me, too. I call it exhaustion grid lock. It seriously happened to me after I put General down (all the birthdays and Christmas to handle - aarrghh).

Decide on 1 (one)-just one (yes - I said one) definate thing, and then do it. Then take a nap. You will feel better.

Mom knows best

p said...

i will do that. i will put some music on and... write the damned key account newsletter for which i've already been paid and haven't done!

Di said...

Most excellent! As they say in the Nike ads "just do it!".

After you do this one thing, reward yourself with the knowledge that you have accomplish an important task.

Casey said...

It must be something in the air. My head is like a Pez dispenser. I'm so tired I may crawl under my desk and take a nap. Dirty office floor never looked so inviting.

Jamie said...

Seriously, get some rest (under cats or alone). I just started a course of penicillin after strep throat knocked me flat on my ass on Monday afternoon. You take care!

p said...

it's a miracle i haven't gotten sick yet [furiously knocking on wood] given that i've been around a jillion coughing, puking kids for the last several months. take care, jamie-j! strep sucks! watch some gallagher -- works like a charm! :o)