Saturday, April 30, 2005

at least eat the wedding cake

hyperthyroidism much?

what a thoughtless dingbat! if i were her fiance, i would have to think hard about wanting to spend my life with someone who, in a fit of fear and selfishness, caused such widespread panic.

on second thought, she might not have been so boneheaded if she had proper nutrition feeding her brain. or maybe she was worried about giving up her crazy bachelorette days at greyskull castle with her pal she-ra and that sexy hunk, he man.


L. said...

Hey, you took suburbanbliss off of your side blog? This is very traumatic for me. I used to use your blog of my jumping-off point for blogging each day. I head to your blog first, and then every other blog I visit, you link (used to)to. I go to your's first, then blindcamel, dooce, missionfromdog,and suburbanbliss. Are you telling me, I now have to actually type in s u b u r b a n b l i s s . n e t? Why have you stopped providing this community service?

trisha said...

Why don't you just bookmark them?

p said...

i took that site off because i stopped reading it. i got a little tired of reading her -- she frustrates me. i think it was seeing this one photo of her with this really bratty whiny look on her face a little while back and i thought, "man -- i just can't read you anymore."

she's funny at times. she just seems a little pathetic to me. i just want her to get a damn job already and stop being so self-denigrating.

trisha said...

I am losing my love for dooce. She just isn't all that funny.

p said...

i'm guessing dooce is going through a dry period, perhaps. not that much interesting going on in her fascinating life. at least she's not repugnant or annoying -- just a little bit boring at the moment.

laurel said...

I agree with you 100% about suburbanbliss, although I still read it. I complain every night about how annoying and whiney she is. Once I posted and gave what I thought was some constructive advice. She wrote two posts about "The Evil L" (that was me), removed my post and told me never to post again. So, now I just lurk. But, she is annoying. Maybe I'll quit reading her too.

Trish, I do read your blog too, but your posts usually aren't as long as dooce and suburbanbliss (which sometime take a lot of time to read) so I usually head to your site weekly instead of daily. I would "bookmark" them if I knew what that meant. I'm really not too computer savey. The only reason I even know what a blog is is because of Scott Hess and I just learned how to leave comments here without having to post them as "Anonymous". Yeah form me!

p said...

i remember her snarky posts about how she wouldn't move to canton. she's an idiot. i just think she's awfully elitist for someone who can't scramble up any kinda job at all. i think the straw that broke the camel's back was her poo-pooing character-themed birthday parties for kids. god forbid she buys the same party napkins as the hoi polloi!

i noticed you're not the anonymous poster anymore. you're learning! :o) don't feel bad, laurel. my older sister just got her first-ever email address last week. you're light years ahead!