Thursday, April 14, 2005

interview questions

at long last, here are my interview questions. remember: please let me know when you've posted your replies on your blogs.

hey, readers out there! want to answer any of the questions below? feel free to write your reply in the comments or post your answers on your blog. the more the merrier, right?


1. who would play you in a movie about your life?

2. what one basic parenting tenet would you say you followed while mothering three girls?

3. what was your favorite hairstyle you had in the 80s? looking back, what hairdo signaled that you may have reached the nadir of fashion victimhood?

4. is your life anything your 18-year-old self would have envisioned? why or why not?

5. what do you want to do for mother's day?


1. how old do you feel in your mind?

2. what do you say to all those self-hating redheads out there?

3. do you have any idiosyncracies or verbal tics? if so, do you embrace them or wish you could twelve-step 'em out of your system?

4. what do you wish you would have said to that person the time you held it in and didn't say anything?

5. do you still like stars, miss starlette?

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