Monday, April 25, 2005


glad it doesn't say the same for feeding the no-see-ums.

sanibel was blissful despite some niggling biological annoyances. now that i have emerged from my benadryl-induced coma and overwhelming amounts of email, i'll share.

we all strove to get over that pesky travel "irregularity", if ya catch my drift. eileen, casey, and i devised a menu that would surely erradicate any blockages -- starbucks espresso, some ghirardelli brownies, and a pack of reds. mmm... now that's good eatin'... and good crappin'!

why the benadryl? my carefully cultivated spf 30 tan is studded with close to one hundred ruby welts, each crowned with an amber-like crystal of crust. you see, the insects, they love me. from the northwoods of minnesota to the sunny shores of the sunshine state, they patiently wait for me to come and give them the plentiful cornucopia that is my poor body. it's always been this way, and it sucks. with 15 below my left knee alone, my leg was literally hot to the touch with inflammation and sheer anger. the worst part is i think they followed me home. i've been frantically doing laundry, trying to cook those bastards. next time, i'm going to take b-complex vitamins until my pee is radioactive. that'll learn them li'l fuckers.

despite the itching, scratching, and straining, it was truly a relaxing and fun week that i look forward to enjoying again in 2006. you can see some photos on casey's blog. he had a lot of fun taking closeups of nasty looking ham steak at the sanibel cafe propelling me into the "ugly" laughs -- see page 3.


Anonymous said...

Casey has a blog? What is it? How come you don't link to it from your page?

Di said...

Oh, goody, Casey has a blog!

Jack is the same way - re. bug bites. I take B complex because my brain lives on it. They, pretty much leave me alone.

p said...

i did link to it -- click on the words "casey's blog" in the post. i just found out that he has been posting. he had it for a while now and barely ever posted.


happy reading! :o)

p said...

whoops, you know what? i think i just linked to his photo album.

i'll list his link on my sidebar.