Wednesday, April 06, 2005


boxing or botulinum?

reading: just finished the red tent by anita diamant, recommended by laurel and roma. glad i read it. i loved the way the two cultures -- canaanite and egyptian -- were juxtaposed. i think i was expecting it to be so much more and less at the same time. more in that, in many ways, it reminded me of a romance novel. lots of babes dandled on laps, keening sobs, pealing laughter and references to genitalia as one's "sex." less in that, man alive, it was a long book. i don't think i motored through textbooks in school as earnestly. wait, as a matter of fact, my grade point average pretty much proves i didn't. i wonder if i would have been less confused by all the rachels and rebeccas, judahs and jacobs had i had more familiarity with the bible stories. i can see why you guys recommended it to me -- holy crap, who's afraid of having babies?! [oh, me! me, me! pick me!]

i just received babyji in the mail. time for some good ol' smut to read on the sanibel beaches. whoo! i think i read an indian themed book there last year -- the namesake by jhumpa lahiri. one of the best books i've ever read.

listening: can't stop listening to a certain type of music. not sure what the technical definition is: urban, electronic, chilled house music with a brazilian flavor? casey just calls it "shopping music": the kind of music you hear piped overhead at urban outfitters and banana republic that doesn't command too much attention with complicated lyrics or instrumentation, but creates a plush, elegant ambience that whispers, "buy me, buy me, buy me..."

some of my choice picks are:

watching: love "the contender"... did you see it sunday? we just watched it [we taped it -- we're old skool like dat] last night. if you haven't seen it, cast aside your distate for pugilism [i think it's gross] and check this show out. we're on the brink of tears, from either happiness or sadness or both, after every episode. sly's face is hilarious.

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