Friday, April 01, 2005

i love my friend

... with taxes, that comes to 15¢.

when we're not bitching about things, my dear friend jeannine and i are cracking up.

i was talking to her as she was in a cab in manhattan, racing to catch a flight from newark to san fran to run a pro team's cheerleader tryouts. i was telling her about how i was offered the chance to judge my alma mater's dance team tryouts, but was feeling bad because they're sunday from 7-10p and i'd have to drive four hours out there, stay in a hotel sunday night and then drive back monday, cutting into my work day. i feel especially bad because i know the coach [she used to work with me] and she's been a huge help to me this winter with my events. the spirit coordinator [a coworker of mine] offered to up the pay, but it's still logistically unfun. i was feeling guilty.

"take ten years off your life and you'd do it in a second," jeannie says. "back then, we'd lick a dog's ass for a quarter."

i'm not sure what's funnier than that. have a great weekend, everyone.


Jamie said...

Jeannine is one of the rare, talented few that can say something like that and actually get a laugh. It must be her delivery, because when I try to make dry, hilarious jokes like that, people just look at me like camels are crawling out of my nostrils. I always thought she would be an amazing sketch comic - like at Second City.

Di said...

I know the feeling. A few years back I would have begged to do graphic stuff for friends just for a pat on the head and a cookie.

Now I my response is "So what's in it for me, baby?" Then I huff and puff and drag my feet.

The last thing I want to do, after working at the computer all day, is to do more work at home inthe evening.